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Recovery One is an industry leader in providing our Clients with successful business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions. Our outsourcing portfolio includes accounts receivable management, customer management services, collections, and back office services for a diversified customer base.

Our first outsourcing project was in 2000 and since that time our goal has remained constant: to reduce client operating expenses, increase and expedite cash flow, and to improve their customers' experience. Our best-in-class, results-driven reputation, strong financial track record, and proven business model with flexibility makes Recovery One the choice for BPO solutions.

Many of our projects have migrated into Early Aged AR / Customer Service projects designed to identify and expedite the resolution of customer problems earlier and in the aging process. Because of the rapid changes in technology, we have becomes a true extension of our Client’s office and perform the duties of the Customer Service Department and Out Bound Call Centers.

Recovery One operates a global network of collections professionals with three operations centers running on a centralized data platform providing the flexibility to respond to a rapidly changing marketplace. We have developed our operations to meet the most specific Client needs and requirements.

Our Clients are empowered through our vast resources to successfully address immediate business needs, while enabling long-term growth and positive customer relationships.

10 Reasons for Outsourcing Your AR with Recovery One

1. Quality Results:   With a dedicated team of professionals accountable for the collection of your accounts and the protection of your customer relationships, your management team is free to concentrate on core business activities that directly drive your bottom line.

2. Reduce Collection Costs:  Outsourcing your AR department frees up office space, resources, staff and expenditures that can either be eliminated or re-purposed to support core business activities that generate revenue. With our efficiencies of scale, Recovery One can generate better results for less.

3. Fixed Monthly Fee:   Recovery One conducts an in-depth analysis of your existing ATB, your collection needs, and desired areas of AR improvement. Recovery One then implements the work effort needed to expedite cash and resolve customer issues timely. All of this is included with a complete accounting and control of the AR process at a fixed monthly fee.

4. Eliminate Hiring and Employee Headaches:   Finding skilled, experienced professionals to handle your daily collection and dispute resolution process is a laborious and time-consuming process. Recovery one takes over the responsibility of staffing the project with qualified team members.

5. Eliminate Training Costs:   When you outsource your AR department to Recovery One, there is no further need to worry about the necessary training for your collection staff. Recovery One ensures that the collection team is fully trained on best practices and all government compliance requirements.

6. Security:  Your customer account data is stored on servers in a secure data center with 24x7x365 on-site management, restricted access and continuously monitored surveillance. The data center is self-contained with redundant back up and a disaster recovery plan.

7. On-Line Real-Time: Recovery One develops customized reports to provide the financial information you need to manage and grow your business. Recovery One gives you on-line real-time 24x7x365 access to live financial dashboards and customized reports based on information updated automatically as new activity is posted in your collection file.

8. Policy & Procedures: Recovery One has developed and standardized consistent policies and procedures to streamline customer service and the collection process. Recovery One employees are trained on these policies and procedures. In addition, policies and procedures specific to each client are developed and compiled in an internal Client Procedures and Work Guide. This document includes each client’s daily collection activity, specific work standards as well as specific tasks to be performed for monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting.

9. 100% U.S. Based Staff:   Recovery One recruits and hires only from within the United States. Your customer records are not passed on to subcontractors, and no work is done overseas.

10. Bi-lingual Collectors:   Recovery One employs bi-lingual collectors and when necessary we have relationships around the world to help us with expediting payments on international accounts and collecting money!



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